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Regional Relocation Grants

Regional relocation grant

The Regional Relocation Grants Act provides for payments to approved applicants who relocate from metropolitan areas to regional areas for the purpose of employment, self-employment or purchasing a home.

There are two grants available:

A person or household can only apply for one grant and only one grant is payable in connection with a relocation, or establishment of a regional small business.

What is a regional area?

A regional area includes participating local government areas outside the following metropolitan areas:

  • the Sydney metropolitan area including Ashfield, Auburn, Bankstown, Blacktown, Blue Mountains, Botany Bay, Burwood, Camden, Campbelltown, Canada Bay, Canterbury, Fairfield, Gosford, Hawkesbury, Holroyd, Hornsby, Hunters Hill, Hurstville, Kogarah, Ku-ring-gai, Lane Cove, Leichhardt, Liverpool, Manly, Marrickville, Mosman, North Sydney, Parramatta, Penrith, Pittwater, Randwick, Rockdale, Ryde, Strathfield, Sutherland Shire, Sydney, The Hills Shire, Warringah, Waverley, Willoughby, Wollondilly, Woollahra and Wyong
  • the Newcastle local government area 
  • the Wollongong local government area.

The Byron local government area, although a regional area, opted out of the scheme as at 16 March 2012. Properties acquired in the Byron area between 1 July 2011 and 15 March 2012 may qualify. However any purchases on/or after 16 March 2012 will not be considered.

Similarly, any application for the Skilled Regional Relocation Incentive based on employment or self-employment in the Byron area will not be considered.

If you are uncertain of the Local Government Area (Council name) for the home you are selling or buying, you can conduct a 'Local Council Search' through the Division of Local Government website. 

How do I apply for the Grant?

You can lodge your application online or by submitting a Regional Relocation Application form.

When can I apply for the Grant?

Regional Relocation Home Buyers Grant – you can make application for this grant after you complete the purchase of the regional property and your name is on title or in the case of a long term lease, when the lease period has commenced.

Skilled Regional Relocation Incentive – you can make application for this grant after you have completed 3 months in a regional job or 3 months from commencing work in your regional small business.

How is the Grant paid?

The Grant is paid electronically directly to your nominated account.

When is the Grant paid?

Regional Relocation Home Buyers Grant – the $7,000 grant will be paid within 21 days from the date of receipt of a complete application, including all required supporting documentation.   

Skilled Regional Relocation Incentive – this grant will be paid in two equal instalments of $5,000. The first instalment will be paid within 21 days of receiving a complete application, including all supporting documentation. The second instalment will be paid 12 months after the first instalment provided all eligibility criteria have been met.

What happens if I cannot meet the conditions of the Grant?

If a regional relocation grant is paid before compliance with any requirement for an eligible home, employment or self-employment relocation, the payment is made on condition that, if the requirements are not complied with, the applicant must within 14 days after the period allowed for compliance:

  • give written notice of the fact to the Chief Commissioner
  • repay the amount of the grant.

Depending on the circumstances, some discretion may be applied.


Commencement date of a regional property purchase – the date the agreement is entered into (exchange date) or where there is no agreement, the date the transfer is first executed. In the case of a long term lease, the date the lease is entered into.

Completion date of a regional property purchase – a purchase of a regional home is completed when the applicant becomes entitled to possession of the land and is registered on title. In the case of a long-term lease the commencement date of the lease will be accepted as the completion date. The purchase must be for the whole of the property.

Disposal of the metropolitan home – an applicant disposes of a metropolitan home if the land that is the site of the metropolitan home is transferred to another person or persons and as a result of the transfer the applicant ceases to be an owner. The transfer must result in 100% of the ownership being transferred.   

Commencement of employment in a regional job – an applicant must commence employment in a regional job on or after 1 January 2014 and before 1 July 2015. Employment in a regional job starts when an applicant starts working in the job or where eligibility arises out of employment in more than one regional job, the date the applicant starts in the first of those regional jobs.

Commencement of self-employment in a regional small business – an applicant must commence self-employment in a regional small business on or after 1 January 2014 and before 1 July 2015. Self-employment in a regional small business commences on the date the applicant starts working in the regional small business.

Last updated: 20 January 2014